How to Choose the Best Decorative Pillows in Dubai

Anyone who lives in Dubai knows that personal style and flair are important – especially in your home. One of the best ways to express your own, personal style is by using throw pillows to add a pop of colour to your living space. With so many colours, sizes, and designs to choose from, it can be hard to know which pillows are the right ones. Here at Bayt Kalthoum Home, we have compiled a short guide on how to choose the best decorative pillows in Dubai. 

Choosing the perfect pillow size

As is the case with anything in the Bayt Kalthoum Home collection, we love colour! But you need to know how much colour to add to certain areas of the home. You can manage colour concentrations through pillow size, which in turn, heavily depends on the type of furniture you plan to put decorative pillows on. Many designers like to work with the rule of three for sofas and beds when choosing pillows in the UAE – grouping three pillows together in each arrangement and drawing inspiration from the colour palette of the room. To give you more of an idea, let’s take a look at the pillow sizes you should be using on different furniture pieces. 

Queen or king size beds

The general rule of thumb is to start with the largest pillows at the back and work towards the front – gradually decreasing the pillow size as you go. For large pieces of furniture such as beds, you can start with pretty big pillows at the back. You should aim for 24 x 24 or 26 x 26 inches. These are just rough dimensions, as you can get different-shaped pillows for an extra bit of flair. Go for three different sizes for each side of the bed and make sure you arrange them from biggest to smallest. 

Twin beds

For twin beds you’ll want to have slightly smaller throw pillows so that they don’t dominate the space. Again, using the rule of three, start with a 20 x 20 inch pillow at the back and arrange two smaller pillows in front of it. Don’t be afraid to play around with different shapes too! 


Although the rule of three works well in most scenarios, for armchairs, you should only have one medium-sized pillow. Rectangular pillows work well with armchairs as they add functionality as well as style, with some extra back support for whoever sits on it. 


Here’s where you can really have fun with decorative pillows. If you have a large sofa, the biggest pillow in your group-of-three arrangement should be around 20 x 20 inches. Then you can play around with smaller sizes and shapes. Aim to have two groups of pillows on your large, corner sofa. For a two-seater sofa, spread three medium-sized pillows across the seat. 

How to find ideal quality pillows in Dubai

There are three things that matter to us most at Bayt Kalthoum Home. Colour, style and quality! The key to owning high-quality throw pillows is knowing what to look for – and where to look for them. 

Boutique vs mass-produced

Bayt Kalthoum Home ensures that all our material is locally sourced and made in Dubai. By doing this, we make sure that our pillows are of the best quality and a real tribute to Dubai and UAE culture. When you want to find top-quality pillows in Dubai, never go for mass-produced pillows from high street shops. 

All about the filling

For the best filling, always try to buy duck down filling. This will give your throw pillow collection the designer look you’re after. Why? Because this filling makes pillows easily ‘choppable’

How to spot quality

Quality is all about the feel of the fabric and how it holds together. Basically, if a pillow looks like it’s about to fall apart, it probably is! It’s also good to look at the stitching around the edges. Avoid red flags like rogue threads, tears, and loose stitches. 

Choosing the best pillow colours

When you shop at Bayt Kalthoum Home, you’ll never be deprived of colour – but incorporating this into your home can seem like a daunting task. The best way to style pillows is according to a colour palette. Pillows should be used to draw the different colours in a room together by accenting pieces of furniture. 

For example, if you have a beige sofa with a blue rug and a wooden coffee table, you should try to choose these colours for your pillows too. Pillows with patterns and interesting textures are also a great way to incorporate the right colours into a specific theme. 

The final tip for pillow colour selection is: don’t be shy! Colour livens up any living space and is a great way to express your style and taste. Colour sets the mood of the room and signals how to move around within it. Accenting certain areas with colourful pillows is a fun way to bring joy into your home. 

How many pillows do I need?

When it comes to your style, you can have as many pillows as you wish in your UAE home. If you want to make a space super cosy and inviting, feel free to go a little crazy. 

For a more refined look, go for the rule of three. Grouping pillows together in threes gives you the freedom to experiment with colour and patterns – while bringing the room together. 

Where to purchase the best pillows in Dubai?

When you look for pillows in the UAE, it’s important that you feel the design is as unique to you as possible. That’s why we recommend looking out for designs from boutique designers or designers that are highly exclusive. However, this can end up costing a lot and it’s certainly not the ideal approach for anyone on a budget.

Online shops like Amazon, Etsy, and Wayfair are some of the best online retailers to get pillows from. When you go to high street shops, all the designs tend to be very similar and they might not have the unique look you’re going for. 

At Bayt Kalthoum Home we want to ensure that those living in the UAE have access to the colour and style they need. We love nothing more than incorporating the essence of Dubai culture into people’s homes, without breaking the bank. Come see for yourself.