Our story stitched out

The design duo first met when Kaltoum was helping Hasna with her own interior design project:

  • design decisions were made quickly
  • they were on the same page when it came to choosing colours and designs
  • they agreed on most things – making them an ideal team

It soon became obvious that this pair was a design force to be reckoned with.

And so, their love for interior design, bold colours, patterns, quirkiness, and the Arabic language inspired the creation of Bayt Kalthoum Home.

Our story stitched out

Identifying a gap in the Dubai retail market for colourful and funky cushions, the duo set to work on an inspiring collection of home accessories and textiles that reflected their happy, culture-rich style.

The goal was to bring together culture and language so that their unique, limited edition pieces could speak to colour-lovers – and the style-savvy could integrate them into their living spaces.

Having received wonderful feedback from people who adored the uniqueness of the renovation, Kaltoum and Hasna realised that they had come up with a design scheme that Dubai and the GCC loved.

The desirable duo have never looked back

Brainstorming for Bayt Kalthoum Home began in August 2021.

After successfully completing the design and manufacturing process, Kaltoum and Hasna released their first collection of colourful interior cushions in February 2022.

With the pieces designed and manufactured in Dubai, Bayt Kalthoum Home’s core value is to locally source their materials – ensuring sustainability.

Bayt Kalthoum Home is not a mass-production company. They don’t buy ready-made items from China – or any other mass-producing country.

Each and every item is completely unique and special for the customer.

Embroidering Arabic words and patterns onto their pieces capture an authentic Arabic twist – something Kaltoum and Hasna are extremely proud of.

Their entire range of limited edition accessories for the home include:

  • Outdoor Cushions
  • Indoor Cushions
  • Placemats
  • Napkins
  • Tea Towels

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Bayt Kalthoum Home’s mission

To educate people about the use of colour in their homes.

To show them how colour can bring joy, character, happiness and life into their homes – in ways that complement their individual style preferences.

When it comes to incorporating colour into a living space, most people are still scared to experiment with different styles. Why? Because they don’t know how to use colour effectively.

It’s a common misconception that colour can overwhelm a space or interior design.

Bayt Kalthoum Home want their pieces to:

  • Inspire – bringing smiles to customers’ faces
  • Encourage – that pop of colour
  • Provide joy – a niche experience for colour-lovers in home decor
  • Bring – a sense of well-being

Colour therapy and culture

The concept behind incorporating colour is to lighten up a space and set the desired mood and atmosphere for that space – through design.

Bayt Kalthoum Home always has concepts like colour therapy and colour theory in mind when they design their unique pieces.

They also explore the concepts of incorporating Dubai and GCC’s culture into textiles – which ultimately contributes to people’s unique designs. Bayt Kalthoum Home takes pride in using the Arabic language in their unique home-decor items as an ode to the colourful dialect.

Every person’s background, language and culture ultimately define who they are – and their individual style. What better way to express this than through the interior design, colour scheme, and layout of your home?

Bayt Kalthoum Home believes that no two people are the same. This is why the brand’s key principle is to create limited edition ranges so that they keep designs fresh and exciting for those wanting to explore their style – through vibrant accents of colour.

Their range of textiles and home accessories in Dubai give colour-lovers the experience they want when it comes to adding colour to their homes – no matter how quirky or inventive their preferences may be.

Home should be a place of comfort – where you can unwind and feel safe to express yourself through style and language. Through the use of colour therapy concepts, adding small accents can do just that.

Bayt Kalthoum gives customers the opportunity to experiment with different looks through home decor, language and colour.

A Bayt Kalthoum Home piece just for you

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